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Simple Passive Cashflow Real Estate Investment Strategy with Lane Kawaoka (#062)

February 23, 2021

Financial freedom is when you stop trading your time for money. Passive income is the secret to achieving that goal.

But how do you go about creating passive income? Investing.

There are many investment strategies that can get you to your goal, and real estate is certainly one of the best.

In this episode I spoke with Lane Kawaoka about is journey from Civil Engineer to financial freedom.

Lane describes himself as the Real Estate Anti-Guru! Today he own 3,200 units, is a writer for Forbes, has a Top-50 investing podcast, and is a Amazon Best-Seller

Lane Kawaoka invests passively in Real Estate from Honolulu, Hawaii. He used to be in a "big bad" private company as a construction engineer but after some saving and investing he found happiness and balance at a lower paying job. Lane journals my experiences in "Simple Passive Cashflow" podcast that is available on iTunes & Google Play. His parents got screwed with the 401K and stock market, and it's now his mission to get everyone out the corrupt Wall Street roller coaster and into Main Street invests with safer, higher returns that benefit the middle class of America.

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