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From Zero to Millions with Jan Cavelle (#069)

April 29, 2021

The entrepreneurial journey is rarely a straight-forward easy one. Often it will take many twists and turns, and throw up all kinds of challenges and surprises.

But isn't that what life is all about?

Surely, taking a business from zero to millions is more exciting than just doing a job!

Some people may be put off by the risk, but the truth is that the greatest risk of all, is taking no risk.

The safe option is actually rarely safe.

In this episode I spoke with Jan Cavelle about her entrepreneurial journey and the challenges she faced.

Jan is an entrepreneur from the UK who has a few decades of running micro and small businesses behind her. She is passionate about supporting people to start and grow businesses.

She is very familiar with all the challenges that go with that, having started one from the kitchen table when her children were small, and she was a single mother, to go on to build that into a multi-million turnover business.

Jan has put her entrepreneurial experiences together with her passion for writing together a book aimed at helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses during the big leap of £1-£10m.

The book is called Scale For Success, and it is being published by Bloomsbury. The UK publishing date is 4th February 2021, but she continues to encourage start-ups as well as scale ups.

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