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Four Steps to Effective Copywriting with Rachel Allen (#063)

March 2, 2021

You may have a great product or service, but if you're unable to communicate it effectively to your audience or ideal customer, you're not going to see the results you deserve.

The bridge between what is in your head and your audience is copywriting. And in the episode I talk with expert copywriter, Rachel Allen about how to avoid common mistakes and the four steps to effective copywriting.

We also discuss her somewhat accidental path to entrepreneurialism after pursuing the traditional employee path. Rachel had to learn how to step away from what society told her she should be doing (standard 9-5 job) and what she actually wanted to do. (Run her own businesses and travel all over the world.) 

Not only is Rachel an expert copywriter, she's also a great guest. We had a lot of fun recording this conversation, and I'm sure you will enjoy listening.

Rachel Allen is the owner of Bolt from the Blue Copywriting and Noun Meet Verb, a ghostwriting agency for thought-leaders-in-waiting.

Through her work in industries from accounting to astrology, she’s helped people all over the world use their words to generate massive impact, influence, and income. Ultimately, all her work is in service of one simple mission: to build the words that bring great ideas into reality, so they can have a tangible impact and move the global conversation forward.

Find out more at https://pocketmastermind.com


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